Ban on offense words in text messages starts in Pakistan

In many places like Europe and the US, we are used to being able to say and do what we want on the phone and in public. In some countries in Asia and the Middle East, that freedom of speech and texting isn't the same that we enjoy. In Pakistan the government has implemented a ban on what they feel are offensive words.

The list of banned words can't be used in text messages and there are 1,600 words on the list in total. The blacklist was worked up by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. There are 1,109 English words and 586 Urdu words on the list. Many have sexual connotations, but not all of them do. Among the banned words are condom, intercourse, breast, hostage, period, and monkey crotch.

Other banned terms include flatulence and even Jesus Christ is on the banned list. Mobile carries in the country will be screening messaged starting on November 21. It's not clear if the words are simply being filtered or if the carriers are monitoring the texts for these words and turning in people to authorities that use the terms. I suspect this is filtering only.

[via ITProPortal]