BamBoo Electric Vehicle is a Grown-Up Golf Cart

When it comes to concept cars, Frank M. Rinderknecht is a name that has become synonymous with outrageous and unique designs. With his Rinspeed company behind him, Rinderknecht is able to bring to life some of the craziest ideas when it comes to automobiles, but it looks like next year will be a bit different. He's taking a more "laid-back" approach with his latest idea, which he is calling the BamBoo, and opting for something a bit more simpler, but still unique in its own right.

The BamBoo electric car is all electric. But, even Rinderknecht believes that it's not so much a full-fledged car, so much as it is a grown-up golf cart. The design is super-simple, there's no "extra aesthetics" thrown in. It offers straight forward and clean lines for the design element. The designer believes that it offers up a new way of thinking. A reset button, so to speak.

Rinspeed is set to unveil and show off the BamBoo electric car/golf cart at the Geneva Motor Show in 2011. There, the designers will show off how the implementation of bamboo into the design, along with all of the other eco-friendly features, will make the BamBoo EV a curious thing indeed.

[via TG Daily]