Ballistic JetCart carryon has built-in seat

If you frequent airports for business or pleasure, you are very familiar with long treks to and from terminals and the fact that the only seat left in the crowded terminal always seems to be beside the person that looks like a hobo and hasn't showered in a week. In cases like this, most of us end up standing or leaning against something. If you had the Ballistic JetCart Seat, you could sit on your suitcase.

The thing is a carry-on laptop bag that has a wheeled tote that has its own little stool built-in. The seat is pretty cool and can support up to 300 pounds and weighs 6.8 pounds on its own. The carry frame will slip under most airline seats. That would mean you would lose the sport for your personal carry on item though.

The suitcase has a pocket for a laptop up to 15.4-inches and the wheels on the bottom of the bag are 2-inch units. The handle is also curved so you can lean on it as you walk. Other features include a water bottle pocket and you can get an optional rain and snow cover to keep your gear nice and dry. The bag with the seat is $170 and a version with no seat is $155 with red or black versions offered.