BackPeddle App Limits Content Sharing With An Expiration Date

A lot of people, especially parents, don't like the fact that any content they or their kids post on traditional social media sites can be hard to remove if needed. You can delete pics from a Facebook profile you own, but it can be difficult to remove any shares of the photos by other users. A new social media sharing app has launched called BackPeddle that is aimed at people that want control over their content.

The app is specifically aiming at parents (but works for anyone) that wants to share photo and video content, but need to have control over how long it is available and how the content is viewed and shared. The app allows for instant uploading of content to share.

Each piece of content uploaded gives the uploader control over when or if the content expires. Once the image has been shared and the expiration date is reached, it is removed from all social sites where it was shared. The app supports in-app messaging and supports the sharing of photos, video, and text messages for a specific period of time.

To be able to view messages, two fingers must remain on the screen at all times. This is a safety feature to prevent screen shots from being taken. The person who uploads content gets a notification is a screen shot is attempted. The key feature here is that the BackPeddle app is able to remove shared images on the BackPeddle site and all other social media sites where others reposted the content with one button. The app is available for download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

SOURCE: BackPeddle