Babysitting Mama for the Nintendo Wii Makes Babysitting Terrifying [Video]

Evan Selleck - Oct 22, 2010
Babysitting Mama for the Nintendo Wii Makes Babysitting Terrifying [Video]

Accessories for video games and video game consoles have some of the most unique, and sometimes confusing designs in the accessory world. And, when it comes to the Nintendo Wii, the accessories usually take the cake for disturbing, or seemingly pointless. Except that tennis paddle, which was great. But, a new video game from the people who brought you Cooking Mama is primed to disturb you all weekend.

While the Cooking Mama titles are meant to “teach” you how to cook in a fun and interactive way, this new title, Babysitting Mama puts way too much effort into the whole “real” thing. The company apparently decided that putting a baby doll into the mix would be a good idea. Which, if you didn’t have to shove a Wii remote into the fake baby’s back, would probably would have been.

The idea is for the player to connect the Wii’s Nunchuk controller to the Wii remote, and then put the remote into the baby’s back. The video, which you can watch below, goes out of its way to give you some pretty simple instructions on how to accomplish this. Once the remote is in there, you’ll be able to use the Nunchuk to feed your baby, as well as partake in plenty of mini games. The idea is, as usual, a good one, as the Wii is all about the interaction between the player and the video game. But, the end result is one that we probably won’t be able to get out of our heads for quite some time. Oh, and if you’re still interested in the game, you can buy it next month.

[via Kotaku]

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