Babel Fisk Speech to Text Glasses Will Show the Deaf What Someone Says in Real Time

For the hearing impaired, getting along in an every day situation, amongst a crowd of people that don't necessarily have the same impairment may be an issue. And while many can read lips, that may not be the easiest way to go about things. Especially considering not everyone moves their lips the same way to make the same words, which can be a real pain. But, fear not, because a new designer has just come up with a great way to alleviate all of those problems, and all you need to do is wear some glasses.

They may not be as straight-forward as anti-aging glasses, but not many things are now-a-days. These speech-to-text glasses are, though, a great concept that we really hope get picked up. Designed by a Danish designer by the name of Mads Hindhede, the Babel Fisk glasses are meant to let the deaf literally read what you're saying, while you're saying it.

Based on the design, there would be a microphones placed within the frames of the glasses, which would allow for pin-point accuracy to pick up the vocal intonations of someone standing in your line of sight. And then the embedded speech-to-text program within the glasses would literally create text within the lenses of the glasses. What's more, there would also be the ability to record what's been said to a flash memory card. Like we said, it's a great idea — we just hope the glasses get a far more aesthetically pleasing re-design before manufacturing takes off. If manufacturing takes off.

[via DVICE]