B9Creator 3D printer uses light to create stuff

When it comes to emerging technology trends, one could very easily argue there is nothing cooler than 3D printers. The idea of using a "printer" to create things as mundane as keychains and mugs to objects as important as artificial limbs is something with which absolutely anyone can find some sort of fascination. So any new road that a company wants to pave in this emerging space is exciting, which is probably why B9Creator hit its Kickstarter funding goal in one day.

The company, which uses the power of light to impact the printable resin material and set it in place, sought only $50,000 on the social venture capital site. By today, it was already well in excess of $160,000. There are still 21 days left before the funding deadline. The resin that's used costs around 10 cents per gram, and the machine itself is less than 30 pounds. Anyone who put in more than $2,375 will get a unit delivered to them in August.

3D printing is making inroads not just in consumer applications but also for business, for medicine, and for third-world countries where resources are much more scarce. The majority of the material needed for a 3D printer can now be printed from a 3D printer. It's fascinating to watch this next evolution in scientific advancement.

[via Mashable]