Ax falls on Windows Mobile Marketplace May 9

If you're still rocking the Windows Mobile OS smartphone, Microsoft is giving you one more reason to move to Windows Phone or another smartphone later this year. Microsoft has announced that the Windows Mobile Marketplace will be discontinued as of May 9, 2012. Windows Mobile Marketplace has been around for over two years now allowing users of the smartphone OS to download apps and software.

Windows Phone Marketplace will live on providing apps and software to users of Microsoft's newer operating system. This move shouldn't come as a surprise to Windows Mobile users. Microsoft announced in June of 2011 that users of that operating system wouldn't be able to download any apps from the marketplace website directly foreshadowing the end of operations.

Stopping users from downloading from the website didn't end the ability to download apps directly via their device. However, the end of things on May 9 will kill that ability. If you can't bring yourself to ditch your Windows Mobile smart phone, you will have to rely on third-party app communities. It would be a good idea to be sure you have all the latest updates to your apps before May 9.

[via Techcrunch]