Awesome stools made from recycled computer hardware

I bet many geeks are like me, when I replaced my old computer hardware and technology products, I tend to keep the old stuff. I keep that old stuff because it's generally not broken, I just want newer, cooler gear, and you never know when something old and slow might come in handy. If you have a bunch of your old tech gear sitting around that you really don't want, and you are trying to think of something cool to do with it a geek named Rodrigo Alonso has a heck of an idea.

Apparently, Alonso is a geek artist, and he takes all these old computer parts and hardware that appear to have been chopped up and crafts them into stools that look cool, even if they don't appear to be easy on the rear. Alonso takes all the parts, mixes them up with resin, and dumps it into a mold. Once that resin dries, out pops a stool, with handles and feet molded in, that is ready for you to park your rear on.

I really like the one in the picture here with Apple keyboard on the top. I also see a bunch of old mice, CDs, and cooling fans along with a bunch of other stuff thrown in for good looks. I can certainly see one of these decorating my office or computer gaming room. What do you think? I wonder how hard this would be to pull off on your own; I know you can buy this sort of clear resin in some home-improvement stores.

[via Inhabitat]