Awesome Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid to go into production

I loves me some cars. When hybrids and EVs first started going mainstream and manufacturers started to embrace hybrid tech I worried that it might be the death bell for high-performance vehicles. Thankfully it turns out that hybrid tech lends itself pretty well to a performance car.

Porsche has been showing off a hybrid 911 race car that uses the battery power as a sort of boost for extra speed when needed. Porsche also showed off a sweet 918 Spyder hybrid car in Geneva this year. The sports car marker has stated that the 918 Spyder is going into production.

The concept had a 500hp V8 engine and a pair of electric motors good for 109hp each. Those electric motors were fed by lithium-ion batteries and the car could run 16 miles on electricity alone. Overall fuel economy for the supercar was 78mpg. Porsche hasn't offered up any official pricing, but the car could be as much as $650,000 though you can offset $7500 of that thanks to Obama tax credits.