Awesome exhibit shows mythological creature skeletons

Growing up I really liked movies that had mythological creatures in them and Greek mythology in general. I was particularly fond of the idea of strange creatures like the centaur and the Cyclops. If you have a fascination for mythological creatures like flying lions, horse/men, and one-eyed giants and live in Tucson, Arizona, you need to check out the exhibit at the International Wildlife Museum.

The exhibit is part art display and part science with the bones of these mythological creatures put on display for people to check out as if they were real. The centaur skeleton you see in the picture here is called the Centaur of Tymfi. There is also a skull of a griffin on display along with a skull of a cyclops as well.

The centaur skeleton was designed by Bill Willers from the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh. Willers is a zoologist and sculptor. Museum director Richard White says that the exhibit looks at how folklore could possibly hide scientific stories.

[via USA Today]