Awesome Dolphin Hydrofoil is the jet ski of the future

With summer still in full swing, I bet there are lots of you out there who head to the lake each weekend and spend it flying around the water on a personal watercraft. I have spent a bit of time on a jet ski this summer and I think most guys that ride them will tell you in rough water they can be rough on your boys.

A new concept device in personal watercraft has been unveiled called the Dolphin Hydrofoil. The Dolphin looks more like a small airplane or jet than a jet ski, but it is designed to shoot the rider through the water at higher speeds and with less turbulence than a normal watercraft.

The concept has an impeller on a fin that stays in the water at all times. Once the thing is going the round hydrofoil in front and the rear hydrofoil raise the Dolphin out of the water and the rider can make high-speed turns and ride smoothly over rough water. I wonder if the design would let you annoy boaters by jumping their wake as they cruise by.