Aventho Wireless headphones hands-on: personalized to your hearing

Wireless Bluetooth headphones have become more abundant lately thanks to the premature death of the headphone jack but not all of them can be said to offer the best sound quality. And even those that do can't claim to offer a listening experience that is customized and personalized to each person's unique hearing capabilities. That is the proposition that beyerdynamics is making with the Aventho wireless headphones. More than just your premium, high-quality headset, the Aventho features technologies that adjust the settings not just to your tastes but to your personal hearing capacity.

Most headphones, wired or wireless, simply jack the volume up or down. More sophisticated equipment offer an equalizer that lets you fine-tune certain settings but at the expense of making things complicated for users. Aventho takes neither route and instead uses smart technologies, specifically Mimi Hearing Technologies, to have those settings adjusted automatically.

It all starts with the Make it Yours (MIY) app. The app makes you go through a hearing test so that it can create your own personal hearing profile. It then uploads that to the headphones itself, and that is when the magic happens.

While other EQs simply boost everything when you change the volume, Aventho only adjusts what's necessary to ensure that the sound you're hearing matches your profile. So you can turn down the volume as much as you want and Aventho will compensate by filling in the gaps. It's the most personalized listening experience you'll get from a consumer device, which does mean it's the most personalized headphones you'll be able to get your hands on. Short of designing your own, of course.

The MIY app also has other talents. For one, it actually lets you track your listening habits, in case you're interested in your stats. It also lets you set the sensitivity of the touch pad in the right ear cup that lets you control playback. Given the unique listening experience Aventho offers, it shouldn't be surprising that the premium wireless headphones also come with a premium price of $449, available in brown and black color options.