Avengers sequel in development according to Disney

If you stayed around after some of the credits rolled when you saw the Avengers flick that opened last week, you would've seen those odd creatures floating in space talking about attacking Earth again. Clearly, the sequel was already planned when the original movie was launched. Disney's Bob Iger has confirmed that the Avengers sequel is in development right now.

Iger also confirmed that a couple more comic book-based films are in development including a third Iron Man film along with a new Captain America flick and a new Thor flick. I'll admit out of most of the comic book superhero films, Thor is not my favorite. With the massive success of Avengers at the theater, a sequel was guaranteed.

The film raked in $700 million globally so far and has broken box office records in the US. Avengers took in an estimated $200 million on opening weekend. Disney has also been working to bring Avengers rides to its theme parks. I never read comic books growing up, so other than the cartoons of my youth and the films of today, I don't know anything about the Marvel universe. I'm still trying to figure out why the bad guy after the Avengers credits looked like the Incredible Hulk.

"We fully intend to continue to fuel the marketplace with Marvel's Avengers-related stories and characters so that the momentum continues," Bob Iger said.

[via BBC]