Avengers flash drives surface to battle evil

A company called Infothink has made like Director Fury and has assembled the Avengers in flash drive form. The company is offering five different flash drives for several of the major characters in the new Avengers flick. There flash is available for Ironman, Captain America, Thor, and The Hulk. There's also a silver Ironman mask that appears to be for War Machine.

I'm sure you can guess what the flash drives look like with the Thor drive being a hammer, The Hulk a green fist, Ironman and War Machine are masks, and Captain America is his shield. The drives aren't being offered directly in the US at this point. They are available in Taiwan, New Zealand, and Hong Kong but they will likely come to other countries eventually.

They each have 8 GB of storage inside making for 40 GB and collect the complete set. Only the Ironman drives have a standard USB connector, the others use shielded connectors. The drives come in fancy little boxes that say Avengers on them.

[via Everything USB]