A/V Accessories Are Ridiculously Overpriced, and I've Had Enough of It

As you've probably gathered from reading my columns here on SlashGear, I'm pretty much obsessed with every single product that can help improve my entertainment in the living room. Whether it's an HDTV, set-top box, game console, or surround-sound system, I love it.

Over the past several months, I've been turning to audio-video accessories to quell my insatiable desire to get my hands on more tech goodies. I've bought universal remotes, home-theater cables, HDMI switchers, and so many more products I can barely keep track.

Needless to say, I've been quite busy improving my home-theater set-up.

But earlier this week, I decided that it was time to buy some 3D glasses for my 3D set. When I went to the store, however, I quickly realized that the glasses cost $150. And at that point, after overpaying for far too long, I finally had enough.

I'm sick and tired of paying too much money for accessories that don't justify the price.

Let's turn to HDMI cables for a minute. How many times have you been told by your local salesperson at a big-box retailer that you need to buy those expensive cables that feature gold-plated connectors and all kinds of other happy garbage?

"How much is it?" you say.

"Oh, it's uh, $75," the salesperson responds.

If you're anything like me, you laugh at them and walk away. You then go home, surf on over to Monoprice.com and buy yourself a cheap 6-foot HDMI cable for a few bucks.

The same can be said for HDMI switchers. I don't know how many times I've wanted to pick one up for a room in my house or for a friend, and I've been absolutely appalled at the pricing. Even online, HDMI switchers seem rather expensive for what you're getting.

But all that pales in comparison to universal remotes. Some of the top universal remotes on the market, including the Logitech Harmony line, are wildly expensive. Logitech's Harmony One, for example, retails for about $200. Some might say that it justifies that price tag. As for me? I'm just fine sticking with the remote my cable company gave me.

Perhaps it's all that strife over previous purchases that made me balk at $150 3D glasses. It's just too expensive. And I don't feel comfortable feeding into a beast that will continue to pump out low-cost, high-priced products until the market as a whole stops it.

Look at the computer space. Remember when cables were outrageously priced and you couldn't get a good accessory for under $50? That changed. And it changed quickly.

Now the time has come for things to change in the home-theater market. Enough with over-priced garbage. The time has come to stand up to the outrageous pricing going on in that space and make it clear once and for all that reasonably priced products will be chosen — and overly expensive devices will be left on store shelves.

Now, who's with me?!