Australian Man Sets World Record With 135-Hour Black Ops II Marathon

If you think you're spending a lot of time playing Call of Duty: Black Ops II, you better think again. Okan Kaya, a sales manager at 4Cabling in Australia, claims to have broken the world record for the longest gaming marathon ever, in which he played Black Ops II for 135 hours, 50 minutes straight. The previous record was 120 hours, seven minutes.

The news was announced on 4Cabling's Facebook account, where they state that Kaya finished the marathon "with a mad career ranking of 29 of 5 million players." Kaya, a 28-year-old Sydney native, was allowed one 10-minute break every hour by Guinness, and any unused breaks could be accumulated and used at a later time.

This allowed Kaya to fit in some sleep time over the course of the seven days. However, according to Kaya, his record isn't official just yet. He's in the process of gathering the evidence for submission to Guinness, but he says that he's confident that his new world record will be approved without any problems.

Luckily, Kaya is still alive, considering how gaming marathons haven't gone so well in the past. Back in July, a Taiwanese man died following a 40-hour Diablo III marathon at an internet cafe, and last year, a gamer in the US suffered a pulmonary embolism during a 20-hour gaming session. However, Kaya's marathon was closely monitored and supervised by a group of volunteers who acted as witnesses and supporters.

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