Aurora Color Changing Clock keeps time on your mind

There are all sorts of interesting alarm clocks out there these days that take different approaches to do one of the most fundamental things: tell time. But the Aurora Color Changing Clock is a vibrant way to know what time it is and add a touch of style to your home.

The Aurora Color Changing Clock has a LCD display that is much larger than standard and makes it super easy to see it from across a larger space. However, if you're willing to set to mind 12 different colors that correspond with the 12 numeric hours of the day and night, you can just glance at the clock, note the color, and understand what time it is.

What's cool is the clock cycles through these different colors slowly over each hour, so you always have a different-looking alarm clock. The clock also features a clear rubber housing. You can touch the lack to turn the light on or off and the alarm function makes it flash along with play a sound. You can get the Aurora Color Changing Clock for $26.

[via OhGizmo!]