Aurora Cloud Access Camera: a wireless 'lifestyle' cam with color low-light video

Zyxel has launched its new Aurora Cloud Access Camera, a so-called 'lifestyle' camera that enables consumers to keep at eye on their home, family, pets and more. The system is composed of a camera and a related mobile app, the combination of which provides things like access to a 1080p video feed, 2-way audio, push notifications and more.

The camera itself features a 2.1MP Sony CMOS sensor alongside a glass lens with a 145-degree FOV and F2.0 aperture. The camera records video in H.264 format with both 720p and 1080p resolution options. The integrated omni-directional microphone records audio, which is saved in AAC format. The camera also features a 0.48W speaker. Unlike most competing cameras, this model features a USB-C connector type.

Multiple mounting options are available to buyers, including magnets for connecting the camera to a metal surface and a regular stand for placing the camera on a flat surface. The camera's status can be readily determined via an LED light bar built into the camera — blue, for example, means it is booting, while red means there's an error and yellow means 'connect.'

Thanks to the related mobile app, the camera has a live view function for watching video in real time. Captured content can be shared from the app with others, as well. The night view mode, meanwhile, provides color content in low light scenarios, a deviation from the typical monochromatic video most cameras offer. The camera system also provides zone detection for setting up activity zones in which the camera will monitor.

The Aurora Cloud Access Camera is available now for $159.99 USD.