Auroma One coffee maker learns taste preferences

For some, coffee is akin to art, a daily ritual deserving of one's special attention and a little extra time. The Auroma One coffee brewer is aimed at those who feel that way, promising high-quality coffee in a single-serve fashion. The maker hawks Auroma as being a "coffee science machine," and it has a design flavor to match. Counted among its features is the ability to learn the owner's taste preferences.

Auroma One promises to do away with ordinary brewed coffee, instead learning to match one's taste preference over time, as well as things like when you usually drink a cup. The coffee maker can be set up to automatically order new beans when the current supply is getting low, and to schedule each morning's cup of coffee.

The most notable feature, though, is the taste feature. The coffee maker offers precision control over the brewing process, including things like how finely the grounds are chopped and the exact temperature. After a cup of coffee is brewed, owners can provide feedback on what is and isn't great about the coffee, and the maker will adjust settings accordingly, getting a little better each time.

The Auroma Brewing Company is seeking $100,000 USD in funding on Kickstarter, where it has so far raised about $31,000 USD with 51 days remaining in the campaign. Those interested can get the Auroma coffee brewer with a $249 USD pledge, and assuming everything goes as planned, backers will see the product shipping next October.

SOURCE: Kickstarter