AUO to show off world's largest projected multi-touch LCD display and more at Display Taiwan 2010

AUO has announced that it will be showing off some very cool screen technologies at Display Taiwan 2010 starting on June 9. The company will be showing off the world's largest projected multi-touch display at 32-inches in size. The display is capable of interpreting up to ten points of touch at the same time. The company will also show off a new 58-inch CinemaScope LED HDTV with a 2560 x 1080 resolution and a 55-inch full HD panel with ultra-wide viewing angles and a static contrast ratio of 16,000:1.

Also on display will be new power-saving LED backlit LCD TV panels ranging from 46 to 65-inches. The 46-inch version has a 10.8mm edge-type LED backlit screen and weighs 10.5kg. AUO is also going to show off new E-Paper display tech with a 2-inch electronic shelf label, 4.3-inch eBook screen, and 6-inch and 9-inch touch capable eBook screens along with a 20-inch ePaper screen for signage, a 6-inch flexible e-paper screen and a 6-inch foldable eBook module.

One of the coolest things that AUO will show off is the world's first 2.4-inch transparent AMOLED screen with in-cell touch capability. The panel will be aimed at GPS applications where the screen can capture the actual location of the driver. It sounds like this tech would be able to sit on the dash and overlay directions and other information on what you actually see out the window.

Via OLED-info