Aumeo audio device tailors the listening experience to you

With many personal audio devices like smartphones and MP3 players, you can change the sound you hear based on different EQ settings. A new device has turned up that slips into the system between your smartphone and your headphones to help tailor the listening experience specifically to your unique hearing ability. The device is called Aumeo and it claims to be the first device of its type in the world.

The pocket-sized device maps the users hearing sensitivity to different sounds and then adjusts the music based on the audio profile it creates from that data. The makers of the device says that many users are missing out on parts of their music because they can't hear the same as other people across all frequencies.

To hear the part of the music that is missing many users simply turn up the volume, which leads to potential hearing damage. Aumeo takes that hearing profile and corrects the sound in all frequency ranges so that you can hear all the music without resorting to turning the volume to dangerous levels.

The Aumeo device is on Indiegogo right now seeking $40,000. The project has 40 days left to go and has already raised nearly $90,000 as of writing. To get the Aumeo and early access to the companion app for your smartphone will cost you $99. Shipping is expected in November 2015.

SOURCE: Indiegogo