Audiovox unveils VOD10PS2 PS2 rear seat gamign system

I remember when I was a kid one of my friends had a van that with an Atari inside for us to play while we drove. That was back in the day when having an Atari at all was a big deal. Audiovox has announced something that is sure to find its way into vans and SUVs today called the VOD10PS2.

The device is a rear sear entertainment system that has a built in PS2. The system can also play movies as well. The entire works is situated inside an all-in-one bin that drops down for viewing. The integration of the PS2 is seamless and no other cables or wires are needed.

The system has a 10.2-inch 16:9 LCD with a built-in dome light. It ships with all you need to play including two sets of IR headphones, and two PS2 games along with a remote and a FM modulator. The device carries an MSRP of $949.99.