Insanely expensive AudioQuest cable promises big sound for audiophiles

Audiophiles have been known to spend big money on products that seem a bit out there to the average user. For instance, they will spend thousands of dollars on amplifiers with old school vacuum tubes when the non-audiophile can get an amp for a fraction of that price. A new audiophile product has landed and this time it's an insanely expensive Cat-6 Ethernet cable.

The selling point for this Cat-6 cable appears to be a notion that your junky network cables that came with your WiFi router are killing the sound quality of your MP3s. This cable promises to fix that for the steep price of about $10,500. The cable is made by a company called AudioQuest.

The RJ-45 connectors on each end of the cable aren't normal plastic, they are made from silver. Apparently, some puffery from the company making the cable claims the cables are directional. The cables also have lots of insulation promising to generate an electrostatic field.

That field claims to reduce energy storage and non-linear time delays to a minimum. Other audiophile brands have been making expensive cables aimed at audiophiles for years that have dubious benefits. I'm curious if this cable actually delivers benefits over cheap cables. What do you think?

SOURCE: TheRegister