Audioengine AW1 Premium Wireless Audio Adapter - no more messing with speaker wires

Well, actually you still have to mess with speaker wires between the speakers and their power source, but the audio input source can now be connected wirelessly. This wireless audio adapter was made for use with Audioengine's A5 speaker system, which after reading this guy's review of those, I'd love to get my hands on a pair, anyways, you can use this with any speakers or sound system, so it's not exclusive to Audioengine's equipment.

So, there are two bricks, each has a male USB connector and a female headphone jack on them. The USB port on both is used to power the devices and that is all, the headphone jack on one is an input, on the other, an output.

These two devices work on the 2.4GHz band, but use a protocol that isn't affected by WiFi, microwave ovens, Bluetooth, mobile phones, cordless phones, or any of that other stuff that normally buggers things up. You get one USB charging block for your home outlet to plug one of them into, the speakers they are intended for have powered USB ports on them, so presumably you'd plug the other one into that, then you get a pair of headphone cables with male connections on both ends and one Y-splitter with RCA jacks on the other end.

So, setup is pretty basic and almost completely self explanatory which is nice. So, you hook one end up to your speakers or stereo and the other up to your iPod, computer, cell phone, whatever you want as long as you can jack it into a headphone jack, the downside of this system, and there is pretty much only one considering the range is 100ft. and it can transfer data at up to 340Mbps, is the price which is $149.99.

[via the-gadgeteer]