Audioengine announces wireless W2 Premium adapter for iPod

If you've been searching for a way to wirelessly stream music from your iPod, you're in luck. In fact, Audioengine just announced their W2 Premium adapter, which makes that wireless dream a reality.

The W2 Premium adapter makes it possible to stream music from your iPod straight to your home stereo. Your iPod can actually be up to 30-feet away from the receiver and still work. The adapter also comes with a transmitter that you connect to your iPod dock and a receiver that you connect to your stereo.

This sounds pretty cool to me, but if you're within 30 feet of your home stereo, couldn't you just plug into your stereo system directly? However, the transmitter does offer a HOP feature that makes it possible to connect to eight receivers at a time. That means music in more than just one room in your house. You can get the Audioengine W2 Premium Wireless adapter now for $169.