Audible and NBA team to launch podcast based on hit documentary

Amazon's Audible audiobook service has teamed up with the NBA to launch a new sports podcast that builds upon a recent hit documentary called The Last Dance. The announcement comes amid Audible's big change in how the platform works, giving the public unlimited access to thousands of pieces of audio content under a new monthly subscription tier.READ: Audible finally adds an unlimited access plan

Back in April, the first episode in a docu-series called The Last Dance premiered. The show followed iconic basketball player Michael Jordon and the Chicago Bulls at the height of their popularity. The show was co-produced by Netflix and ESPN Films; it is available to stream on Netflix now.

Building upon the popularity of that miniseries comes a new podcast called Beyond the Last Dance, which will follow the same general theme, but introduce listeners to new storylines related to the basketball team. The audio show will likewise be a miniseries with a total of 10 episodes.

The new series will debut on Audible on August 31, according to CNN, which says the series will be hosted by JA Adande, Northwestern University's Director of Sports Journalism and an ESPN Around the Horn panelist.

Adande will be joined by BJ Armstrong, a former basketball player for the Chicago Bulls who won three NBA championships. Each episode will be 40 minutes long and will include a variety of interviews with coaches, former players, sports journalists, and more. The NBA indicates that this may be the starting point of a new variety of podcasting content related to professional basketball.