Audi brags about its future vehicle dynamics computer

Audi has always leveraged technology to make its vehicles perform better. One of its latest pieces of technology that it's talking about is a new high-tech control unit known as the future vehicle dynamics computer that can actuate up to 90 components simultaneously. In the future, an integrated vehicle dynamics processor will handle longitudinal and lateral dynamics control and energy and powertrain management.

The latter part is important because most future Audi vehicles will be electrified. With electrified vehicles, the vehicle dynamics computer can control energy recapturing to keep the battery charged as much as possible. Audi says the future vehicle dynamics processor will be essentially controlling nearly all functions in longitudinal, lateral, and vertical dynamics, including chassis, powertrain, and recuperation functions.

The new processor will be "clearly more powerful" than today's ECP used in Audi vehicles. The new sensor will be about ten times as fast as the current system, giving it the ability to control up to 90 system components, compared to about 20 components in the current ECP. The controller will function on both traditional and electrified vehicles as well as front, all-wheel, or rear-wheel drive vehicles.

The sensor also has precise data computation capability and will execute the requirements of advanced driver assistance functions. Audi's electronic control systems are impressive pieces of hardware. On its SQ7 and SQ8 SUVs, the sensor will be able to lift the vehicle side on the outside of a corner against the centrifugal forces with a moment of up to 1200 Newton meters. It can perform that feat within milliseconds to handle fast cornering situations and keep the vehicle stable. Audi is unclear when its new technology might be used in a production vehicle.