Audeze Penrose headset goes OTT for Xbox Series X, PS5

With a new console generation on the horizon, that means we're sure to see a number of new accessories launch for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Audeze is getting the ball moving on that early, announcing its new Penrose wireless gaming headset today. The Penrose sounds like a pretty capable headset, but get ready to shell out some significant cash if you want to own one.

As announced today, Audeze is primarily positioning the Penrose as a headset for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, but that doesn't mean it won't be compatible with existing platforms as well. The headset comes in two styles: the standard Penrose, which is compatible with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, and Mac; and the Penrose X, which is compatible with Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows.

With the Penrose, Audeze is promising "legendary audio performance" that uses the company's 100mm planar magnetic driver technology. The microphone is described as "broadcast quality" and can be detached from the headset when you just need to use it as a pair of cans. When you are using it, however, it'll make use of built-in noise filters that can reduce up to 20dB of background noise.

The Penrose can connect to devices either through Bluetooth or through a 2.4GHz connection through an included USB dongle that's compatible with consoles and desktops alike. Audeze even says that the Penrose can connect over Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless simultaneously, allowing you to listen to your game audio while you chat using another device.

All of that sounds great, but here's where the pain point may come in for some gamers, as the Penrose will set you back $299.99. That's no small amount, but the first 1,000 who pre-order from Audeze's website starting today can save $50 off that hefty price tag. Look for the Penrose and Penrose X to begin shipping out in September.