Attocell is a femtocell for the iPhone and more

I think that at this point most of us are familiar with a femtocell and what it is and when you need one. Basically, the femtocell is a way to give you a better mobile phone signal indoors and to allow you to route phone calls over your broadband connection rather than the mobile network.Ubiquisys has announced a new femtocell that is the world's fist attocell. The device is designed for people that travel abroad and want to be able to make and receive calls just as they would at home. The device was developed specifically for the iPhone, but will work with any 3G mobile phone including Blackberry, Nokia and Android devices.

The device connects to a laptop via USB for power and a web connection. It will then gather IP information about the country it is in and sets the 3G radio inside to the allowed level. That means the coverage area will vary from a scant 5mm in some areas to a whole room in others. The phone is laid n top of the attocell if 5mm is all the coverage allowed and calls are made with a Bluetooth headset. The device will be shown off at MWC.