AT&T workers on the verge of striking

Uh-oh! It looks like the strike that was thought to be possible a few weeks ago now might actually happen. It seems today most of the 112,500 workers that are unionized at AT&T have allowed their leaders to call a strike. A new contract is currently being negotiated with the company.

The current contracts expire on April 4th, so unless there's some serious discussion in the next few days, a strike is likely eminent. The workers that will likely strike are a part of the landline division of AT&T. 

So why all the hubbub? It seems the union workers are upset that AT&T wants them to pay more in healthcare costs. Other cuts to the contracts are rumored to be slated as well. The workers are upset about this, and 88% of them have voted to allow the strike to happen should it be necessary. AT&T says they have measures in place to keep services up and running should a strike happen. What those measures are, we don't know, but it's reassuring anyway.