AT&T weeps - The iPhone has been officially unlocked!

Today is a black day for AT&T. This is the day they lost exclusivity of the iPhone. No, their contract with Apple didn't expire, rather, a hack has been perfected that will allow you to use your iPhone on any number of different networks.

This isn't a joke or a hoax, it has been seen by the eyes of those at Engadget. They have confirmed that this software hack takes just a couple of minutes to perform, then allows you to insert the SIM card of your choice and make calls as you please. They tested this with a T-Mobile SIM which was automatically picked up by the iPhone and allowed them to do everything you would normally do on the iPhone (make calls, surf the net, SMS, etc) with the exception of visual voicemail.

If the word of the guys over at Engadget isn't good enough, they've even posted a video for you non-believers. I'm personally excited that this hack has been done, not because I want to use an iPhone on various networks, but because now I don't have to see all of the stories of people claiming to "almost" be able to unlock the iPhone.

iPhone unlocked: AT&T loses iPhone exclusivity, August 24, 2007, 12:00PM EDT [via engadget]