AT&T vs. Verizon iPad 2 Data Plans Comparison Graph

Apple's iPad 2 goes on sale today and for those who are getting a data plan along with it you might need a calculator. Unlike the first generation iPad, the iPad 2 will be carried on both AT&T and Verizon and between the two carriers you'll have to choose from eight different data plans. CNN has provided a nice graph to make your decision a little easier.

The plan you choose really depends on how much data you think you'll use because of the overage charges you'll get hit with. You have to take into account how much you'll actually be on the carrier's network and not on Wi-Fi, because that doesn't count towards your data use. AT&T offers a prepaid and postpaid plan and both plans will cost you $15 for each 250 megabytes or $25 for the first 2 gigbytes used in a month. If you opt for their postpaid plan you'll be charged an extra $10 for each gigabyte you go over the 2 GB limit. Verizon doesn't offer a prepaid plan and has four different postpaid plans: 1 GB for $20, 3 GB for $35, 5 GB for $50, and 10 GB for $80.

AT&T is the probably the choice if you plan on using smaller amounts of data less than 4 GB a month but the two carriers are pretty close. Verizon takes the title if you plan on using more than 4 GB a month. Only time will tell which carrier takes the lead as iPad 2's start rolling out today. Are you in line right now waiting to get your hands on the tablet? Which plan are you going to get?

[via CNN]