AT&T U-verse launching unlimited data option May 23

Anyone who has a metered internet connection knows that you don't have to spend much time streaming video content or playing online games to blow through a miserly bandwidth allotment. AT&T U-verse subscribers are going to get more bandwidth at no additional cost and there will even be an unlimited option allowing you to gobble all the downloads, games, and streaming content you want. The unlimited option for U-verse subscribers will launch on May 23.

The unlimited option is surprisingly cheap and might be less money per month than some metered connection users pay in overage fees. To add the unlimited option to an existing U-verse account is another $30 per month. That monthly fee is for customers who subscribe only to home internet service with U-verse.

Customers who have U-verse internet and DirecTV or U-verse TV will automatically get unlimited internet data at no additional cost. That certainly makes U-verse TV or DirecTV look much better for folks that do a lot of content streaming. Customers can change from their current allotment plan to unlimited at any time during their billing cycle.

For those who don't want to pay for unlimited bandwidth, allowances are increasing at no cost. Customers on the 768 kbps-6 Mbps tier will get 300GB of data allowance. Subscribers on 12 Mbps – 75 Mbps plans will get 600GB of allowance. The fastest 100 Mbps- 1 Gbps tier will get 1TB of data allotment. U-verse says that the 1TB of data allowance is enough to stream 400 hours of HD video. If you go over your data allotment on the new plans, each 50GB of additional data is $10. Subscribers will get multiple announcements when they go over their data allotment and will only be charged for overages on the third billing cycle of overages.