AT&T U-verse customers get access to HBO Go, Max Go

Shane McGlaun - Nov 30, 2010
AT&T U-verse customers get access to HBO Go, Max Go

The local cable company in my area really sucks, ten HD channels does not a line up make. I use DirecTV and have been happy with the service for a while now. I do wish that the satellite provider had some online offerings for content though like the people in AT&T U-verse areas can get.

It’s really cool to be able to watch programs via your game console and on your mobile device if you want to. AT&T has announced that U-verse customers now have access to programs from a couple more mobile destinations. The new access includes premium cable content from HBO and Max online portals.

Access to HBO Go and Max Go are available to U-verse subscribers right now, assuming they subscribe to HBO and Cinemax on the U-verse service already. Together the two new services add about 1,200 more hours of programming options for viewers. You can even get access to the Skinimax shows that come on after 10 p.m. if you are so inclined.

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