AT&T to use data cap in Reno

Data caps are one of those things that lingers around Internet service providers. No one wants to talk about them until they're suddenly imposed. Well, it looks like AT&T is testing out the idea of a data cap in Reno, Nevada right now to see if it is a viable practice and if it should be expanded across the country.

This data cap would limit downloads to 20GB a month for users with the slower DSL connection. The limit would then increase as the speed of the plan increases. This would go up to 150GB a month at the highest speed.

The thinking here is that typical use does not require data use above these limits. New users will be automatically enrolled in this new program as will current users that exceed 150GB a month of data use. Supposedly, you will be able to track your data usage online at the AT&T website. Following a grace period, those that exceed the data limits will have to pay $1 per GB.