AT&T tiered broadband customers still don't have meter

If you were told that all of the sudden you could no longer access unlimited amounts of broadband by your cable provider, and if you exceeded your limit you'd have to pay overage charges, you would want to be able to track how much data you've been consuming, wouldn't you? So would AT&T's broadband customers, but some are left with nothing more than a couple notification emails.

An undetermined amount of subscribers to the telephone company's U-Verse high-speed Internet service are unable to track their monthly data usage. When they try to check online, they are greeted with the following message: "Note: Your usage is not yet available for display. You should not be concerned about your usage for billing purposes. AT&T will keep you informed about your data usage via email."

AT&T knows this is an issue, but still charges those who exceed their limit. The company said in an email to GigaOM, "All customers will hear from us early and often if they are close to exceeding their data plan. Before a customer's usage surpasses his or her data plan and an additional charge is applied, we send that customer an alert when they reach 65, 90 and 100 percent of their monthly data plan. And we offer two billing grace periods."

[via GigaOM]