AT&T raises prepaid GoPhone data caps by 1 GB

While postpaid subscriptions still remain the most popular and most used way people acquire mobile devices in the US, prepaid has also started to take root in the consciousness of buyers. To make its own prepaid offers a little bit sweeter, AT&T is raising data caps for its GoPhone subscription across the board, giving subscribers an additional 1 GB per month at no extra charge. This surprise follows on the heels of the carrier's simplified device plans for its regular locked in customers.

Here's how the new system goes. Starting Friday, GoPhone customers paying $45 monthly will have access to 3 GB of data, instead of the usual 2 GB. Those on the $60 tier, on the other hand, get to enjoy 6 GB, replacing the 5 GB of old. None of the plan's other features or charges change, which means continued unlimited talk minutes and rollover data. If they enroll for an Auto Refill feature, they can even get a $5 deduction from their bill.

Fans and loyal subscribers of competing carriers will probably point out how AT&T isn't really giving its customers good back for their buck. T-Mobile, for example, offers 5 GB of data at only $30, half the price of AT&T's equivalent. Still, AT&T customers will probably appreciate the slight expansion in data wiggle room.

This prepaid announcement follows two major developments coming from the carrier. Last week, AT&T unveiled new roaming plans for Canada and Mexico, the two countries that, according to carrier, US citizens frequent most often. The two countries have been AT&T's favorite targets, advertising unlimited talk and text communications from the US to those two countries.

Earlier this week, AT&T also revealed its new, simplified device plans that will let customers decide whether they want lower monthly payments or to keep the same price but upgrade to a new model sooner than others.