AT&T Primetime 10-inch tablet has a TV Mode and arrives on Friday

AT&T has just announced its own exclusive tablet, and it'll be available starting on Friday. The tablet is called Primetime, and it's not surprising that AT&T has packed a TV Mode onto it given that name choice. Though obviously available for everyone, the tablet seems ideal for those who already have (or plan to get) an AT&T wireless subscription and/or DirecTV television. The tablet can be added to an existing AT&T wireless plan for $20/month.

The AT&T Primetime tablet is exclusive to the carrier, and brings with it decent enough specs, including a 10-inch display, a 9070mAh battery, a pair of front-facing Dolby Audio speakers alongside four audio presets, plus things like on-device encryption and split-screen support. One of the tablet's most notable features is the ability to stream to two different Bluetooth speakers or headphones at once, enabling two people to watch a show on the single tablet.

Though AT&T drops mentions of encryption and enterprise, the Primetime tablet seems to be especially targeted at entertainment lovers who enjoy watching DirecTV or their preferred streaming media app using a tablet rather than phone or TV. The aforementioned TV Mode is a single swipe action that pulls up the tablet's various entertainment apps. This can also be done using a quick launch button.

Both the DirecTV and DirecTV NOW apps are preinstalled on the tablet. DirecTV NOW, of course, is the company's livestreaming television service delivered over the Internet rather than satellite. DirecTV customers, however, also have some streaming video access with the right app. Video can be streamed via AT&T's unlimited plus or choice plans if the tablet is added to the plan for $20/month.

AT&T will offer the tablet at a price of $10/month for a duration of 20 months, or if you'd prefer a two-year contract, you can get it for $29.99. The tablet launches on August 25, which is when we'll find out some of the finer important details like screen resolution and processing power.