AT&T NumberSync links all your devices under one phone number

US carrier AT&T has just announced NumberSync, a new service that aim to connect all of a user's mobile network-connected devices under just one phone number. This is meant so solve the problem of each phone, tablet, and smartwatch having its own number and identity, with all calls and message getting delivered to each device. It will also make message and calls made from these secondary devices appear to be coming from the user's standard phone number they've always used.

AT&T says NumberSync will be debuting later this month on one unspecified phone, with more devices to follow before the end of the year. Unfortunately a wider rollout will rely on manufacturers working with the carrier to implement the feature into their hardware.

To be clear, users will not be able to have multiple phones linked under one number. NumberSync is for connecting a single phone to secondary devices. AT&T says that while it's starting with tablets and wearables, it hopes to have the feature on all network-connected devices one day.

The good news is that users will be able to add the NumberSync feature for free, with the option available when a compatible device is added to their plan. While Apple iPhones, iPad, and Macs already have this capability with their Continuity feature, NumberSync could be great for those who rely on different platforms between phone, tablet, and wearable.

VIA Engadget