AT&T may get Palm Pre if FCC files are correct

I recently had a chance to play with the Palm Pre Plus for a bit and I actually liked the device pretty well. If it was on AT&T, I don't think I would run out and switch to the Pre, but the device is a good choice for those on Verizon. Files spied over at the FCC are suggesting that AT&T may in fact be getting its own version of the Pre in May.PreCentral has found files hidden around the FCC site that show Palm is readying a new Version of the Pre with the FCC ID 08F-CASG and a photo availability date is listed as May 10, 2010. The AT&T speculation comes in that Sprint and Verizon already have the Pre so short of going T-Mobile, the device is likely pegged for AT&T.

The new version is known to be a GSM handset. It is worth noting that when the Pre Plus hit Verizon, the photo availability dates on FCC documents were exact for the day the handset was officially announced.