AT&T has a rollover data scheme, too (it's just not as good as T-Mobile)

The last time we heard from T-Mobile, they were offering up rollover data via their ongoing 'Uncarrier' initiative. It was (and is) a stellar idea, but we wondered if any other carriers would be bold enough to follow suit. AT&T is on board, and has announced their version of shared data for subscribers, which will launch later this month. According to the carrier, 50 million customers will immediately feel the benefits. Sadly, they didn't meet T-Mobile's 10GB free 'banked' data.

Unlike T-Mobile, your data rollover only goes month-to-month with AT&T. T-Mobile offers your data in escrow for 12 months, but AT&T is only rolling unused data over to the next month.

AT&T is also focussingĀ their data sharing for plans with multiple lines. If you've got a Mobile Share Value plan (family or business), you qualify. IndividualsĀ can still take advantage. The rollover data can be used by any line, though.

AT&T isn't charging for the new feature, either. Still, the plan seems a bit convoluted. If you have a 10GB share plan, and only 9GB is used, your next month would bring 11GB total for all lines. Your plan data must be used first, so if you used 8GB that month, you'd lose your 1GB rollover from last month, but get 2GB rollover the next month for 12GB.

T-Mobile's banked data over 12 months seems so much easier.

The new rollover feature form AT&T starts January 25, with rollover data being traceable via the AT&T app or website.

Source: AT&T