AT&T fires back at T-Mobile with credit for T-Mo converts

Shane McGlaun - Jan 3, 2014, 6:36am CST
AT&T fires back at T-Mobile with credit for T-Mo converts

Reports surfaced last month that T-Mobile had a plan to convert subscribers from other carriers. That plan involved paying some of the early termination fees for new subscribers to T-Mobile that ditched their current carrier. A source claimed that T-Mobile planned to pay up to $350 in credit to cover the early termination fees charged by other carriers for converts.

That plan didn’t sit well with AT&T who has made a preemptive strike against T-Mobile. A source claiming to be familiar with AT&T’s plans for CES 2014 claims that the carrier will offer similar credit. The source claims that AT&T will pay as much as $200 in credit for subscribers that come over from T-Mobile.

Apparently, the conversion credit offer won’t be valid for those coming in from Sprint or Verizon. That would mean AT&T is specifically targeting T-Mobile customers. The $200 credit would also reportedly be in addition to the up to $250 in credit the user could get from trading in their old device.

T-Mobile has been making some interesting moves in an effort to lure customers from its larger rivals. Those moves included eliminating traditional phone subsidies. Another T-Mobile innovation called JUMP allowing the customer to pay an extra $10 per month to upgrade devices sooner.

SOURCE: Geekwire

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