AT&T extends DirecTV NOW's free HBO perk to new customers

Earlier this month, AT&T introduced a special perk for its existing DirecTV NOW subscribers: a bill credit or, depending on their subscription tier, a year of free HBO service. That was great for those who signed up before March 6, but not so much for those who were previously on the fence about signing up. Now the company has announced an extension of the perk, giving new customers the same year of access to that premium channel.

The perk is a great incentive to sign up for AT&T's DirecTV NOW service versus one of the competitors, such as PlayStation Vue or Sling TV. It does have a small limitation, though — customers must be signed up for one of the two top-tier packages. Those packages are called "Go Big" and "Gotta Have it," and they, obviously, are pricier than the two lesser tiers.

The company is working hard to incentive its entertainment product, going so far as to say that its new HBO promo perk doesn't mean new customers can't still get the regular new-customer perk. Those who sign up for at least three months of prepaid access will get an Apple TV for doing so...on top of the HBO.

The offers for the free HBO and the Apple TV both end of March 30, says AT&T. Meanwhile, those with an AT&T Unlimited Plus plan can get a $25/month bill credit for signing up for an AT&T video service like DirecTV NOW. As it stands, DirecTV currently offers more than 120 channels delivered over the Internet rather than over satellite like its traditional service.