AT&T Delays Walk-In Purchases for iPhone 4 Until June 29th

Were you someone who couldn't get your pre-order in for the new iPhone 4? Whether it was because the servers were overloaded, or they cut the pre-order off completely, it looks like that might have been your only shot of actually get the device on June 24th. At least, if you don't want to shop at a third-party retailer. Today, AT&T announced that they're going to push back walk-in purchases of the iPhone 4 to June 29th.

Why? Well, they're still citing the whole "ten times more pre-orders than ever before" deal, so we'll go ahead and say that we believe them. Considering the level of pre-orders reached more than 600,000, we can fully understand why they would need to delay the walk-ins. This won't impact people who pre-ordered their iPhone 4. Indeed, AT&T affirms that if you've done the deed, then you'll have the new iteration of the iPhone waiting for you.

Unfortunately, it looks like the only way you might get lucky on June 24th is if you stop in at a Walmart, or RadioShack, or Best Buy. We know some people aren't fans of third-parties, but hey, if you want it, you've got to make some sacrifices, right?

[via Electronista]