AT&T boosts EDGE network speeds - iPhone buyers rejoice!

Is the thought of AT&T's slow EDGE network holding you back from buying an iPhone tomorrow? Well things are looking up because AT&T's Operation Fine Edge appears to be successful. If you're not familiar with the program, they have been working on a way to boost throughput on their EDGE network so that the iPhone will run faster.

We say that it appears to be successful because users are reporting increased speeds on the network this evening. Some users are seeing speeds as high as 200Kbps. I know when I was using the EDGE network, I never saw anything close to that.

If this holds true throughout the country, and not just in a few limited areas, this news could really bolster sales for Apple and AT&T. Slow speeds due to the fact that the iPhone doesn't run on a 3G network has been one of the biggest complaints about the new phone. By eliminating this issue, they will likely win over a lot of customers that were on the fence about purchasing one.

Operation Fine EDGE a success? Users reporting speeds of up to 200Kbps on AT&T's EDGE network [via MYiTablet]