AT&T begins prorating early termination fees

You know what sucks? When you decide to cancel your cell phone contract and they slap you with that hefty early termination fee. What's worse is that you pay the same amount whether you have 1 year or 1 month left on it. However, AT&T is looking to change that policy.

No, they're not going to get rid of their cancellation policy, however, they've decided to revise it. AT&T has announced that they will begin prorating their cancellation fees based on the amount of time left on the contract.

Apparently they reached this decision after listening to customers who said ”they don't like one-size-fits all policies when it comes to early termination fees or service contracts." Kudos to AT&T for listening and taking a step in the right direction. Lets hope some other carriers listen and follow suit.

AT&T to prorate cancellation fees [via crave]