AT&T Announces $6.99 Per Month Music Service, Available on Three Devices

Are you a fan of music? Are you a customer of AT&T, and feel envious of a certain other carrier's subscription-based music service? It looks like today should be a pretty good day for you, then, because AT&T has officially announced the availability of a brand new music service. And, thankfully, it's pretty cheap, and comes with quite a few features. Of course, there's a "but," tied into this good news. There usually is, right?

The service itself is served via an application that you can download from AT&T's MEdia Mall. With that being said, we'll go ahead and get the "bad news" out of the way, so that when you finish reading this article, there's a better chance you won't be depressed. Unless you have a Samsung Solstice, Samsung Impression, or an LG Xenon, you are (temporarily) out of luck when it comes to downloading this application. AT&T has made it available for only these three handsets, at the launch of the service. A bit of good news in this department though, is that AT&T plans to expand the service to other devices soon. There's just not a time table quite yet.

The application will allow you to download song and full albums, provides an enhanced music player, has access to 40 commercial-free radio stations (which are genre-specific), song matching capabilities, and lyrics search. Just in case you can't remember the name of that song, but you've got the chorus stuck in your head. AT&T has full intentions of signing deals with Sony Music Entertainment, The Orchard, and EMI Music to allow for song and full album downloads, which should expand the library available to you. The service itself is $6.99 per month, to customers that are paying for an unlimited data plan. Plus, you have to have the Solstice, Impression, or Xenon. But, if you've got the requirements down, go ahead and head into the MEdia Mall and download the Music app. Let us know what you think of it.

[via AT&T]