AT&T allowing FaceTime over cellular for all tiered data customers

After several months from Apple announcing FaceTime over cellular, AT&T is finally rolling the feature out to all of its tiered data customers. AT&T cites that its testing phase for FaceTime over cellular is complete, and will be enabled for all of its customers, including those on tiered data plans at no additional cost.

Previously, FaceTime was only available over cellular to customers with LTE or Mobile Share plans, and now, those who own the iPhone 4S and are on any tiered data plan can now use the carrier's HSPA+ network to use Apple's video chat tool. There's no word on whether customers with unlimited data plans can use FaceTime over cellular, though, so it looks like the feature is still only good for those with tiered data plans.

AT&T says that it has already begun updating their "systems and processes," and expects to start rolling the update out to eligible customers "beginning in the next couple of weeks." Previously, back in November, the carrier announced that iPhone 5 users with tiered data plans would be allowed to use FaceTime over its LTE network.

The good news is that any AT&T customer with an older Apple device can now use FaceTime over cellular, including the iPhone 4S and previous-generation iPads. With the popularity of discounted older-gen iPhones, more and more budget-minded consumers are buying Apple's older gear, and with AT&T's lift on FaceTime over cellular, more users will finally be able to chat with their friends and family while on the go.