AT&T adds international pay as you go data plans to offerings

If you have an AT&T laptop, netbook, or mobile broadband modem and you will be traveling overseas AT&T has offered up a new data plan that has no contracts and lets you pay as you go for international use. The new AT&T DataConnect Pass Global has several plans at different prices that get you different amounts of data.

The plans cover use in over 100 different countries including Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Asia among others. Four new plans are offered under the DataConnect Pass Global umbrella at prices up to $199.99. At about $200, the most expensive data plan is not cheap, but that price is much better than roaming data use on a modem aimed at domestic users.

For 20MB of data AT&T charges $24.99, a 50MB plan is $59.99, a 100MB plan is $119.99, and that $199.99 plan gets you 200MB of data. You certainly won't want to be downloading lots of music or streaming movies using these data plans. The session can be purchased with a credit card or debit card via the DataConnect Pass portal. The pre-paid passes can also be billed directly to your wireless account if the account is over 90 days old.